• Our Brewhouse

    The Mash Tun on the R/H side sits above the Hot Liquor Tank and serves to pre heat the plates with the fantastic Moeschle Copper on the left.

  • Fermentation

    FV1 all ready to go, a working capacity of 33HL, or 5,800 pints in old money.

    fermentation room
  • Conditioning Room

    Conditioning Tanks promote flavour maturation and encourage clarification before the beer is then racked into casks for delivery and handover to the Cellarman.

    conditioning room

Brewed in Yorkshire

The last brewery in Shepley & Shelley, Seth Seniors ceased production in 1946 when it was taken over by Hammonds of Lockwood after 117 years of beer production in the valley.
More than 68 years on Small World Beers started production at Barncliffe Mills, a natural location for a brewery sitting in a valley famous for its spring water.
Lovingly crafted into the existing space, our purpose built brewery is a credit to the skills of many local tradesmen and small businesses in the Shelley and Huddersfield area. Many hours, days, weeks and sweat was poured into the old mill unit to prepare it for the fitting of the beautifully engineered Moeschle brewing vessels supplied and fitted from the Sheffield arm of the German company. We operate a 20 brewers barrel plant, have 2 fermenters and our temperature controlled cold room houses our 3 conditioning tanks.